For long the process of manufacturing or producing something has been a very cumbersome business due to various reasons, some of them include the amount of work force required, the humongous amounts of time consumption and of course the huge expenses that are incurred.

The increase in population has led to a significant increase in the need for goods and services which call for the requirement of more machinery to support the production. Even though the demand for a given product has increased significantly the production of the said product has not increased significantly causing a scarcity.

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The dearth of products is not only causing a lot of inconveniences but also causing a disturbance in the economy. The only solution to this problem seems to be 3D printing technique. Let’s now understand how 3D printing going to increase productivity.

Lesser machinery: –

Three D printers would mean that a single machine would be able to substitute the functions of a bunch of different machinery. For instance, if you have to manufacture a car all the parts have to be manufactured separately and with the help of different machines but instead, if you could print it out using a 3D printer would make the process very easy


Reduction in time consumption: –

Like mentioned earlier conventional manufacturing processes would involve a lot of machinery which would perform their individual tasks at their own pace which would mean that the overall time consumed in producing a given product would be very high. Due to the amount of time that goes into manufacturing a single unit the time required for manufacturing a batch of a product becomes very high causing a reduction in the rate of manufacturing processes.

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But, with 3D printing as the machinery required will be reduced significantly the time consumption would also reduce for the producers giving them a chance to produce a lot more of the product in the same amount of time. This would lead to an increase in the income of the producer as well.

Makes the whole processes more cost efficient: –

The use of 3D printing makes the process of production very cost efficient in two ways.

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It would significantly reduce the expenses of production by reducing the machinery and workforce required and secondly by reducing the wastage of resources in production.

Also, more importantly, it makes the process much faster, allowing the producer to manufacture much more in a much shorter period of time. So the cost cutting and higher production rate add up making the whole process very profitable.

Smaller work area: –

As per existing manufacturing techniques, you would need a lot of space in order to set up a factory or any such work station. A larger work station would not only mean a higher cost of maintenance and rent but also you would have to constantly navigate from one place to another to monitoring a number of things at the same time this could lead to errors and inconsistencies in production which you cannot afford. But using 3D printing would mean that you would be needing only a single machine which would mean a much smaller work station.

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Higher precession: –

3D printers are able to print out products exactly according to the required measurements down to the precession of Nano meters. This would mean lesser defective pieces and lesser loss incurred due to this particular reason. Not only does the usage of this method benefit the producer but also ensure value for money to the consumer. In some cases, defective products might claim the lives of the consumers and even producer’s recession is key in the production processes of such industries here 3D printing might be the way to go as it will ensure that the final product is perfect as per the regulations.

Higher Quality Product: –

To ensure a higher profit rate producers tend to invest more in the tools and machinery and comparatively much lesser on the raw material so that they can ensure a higher production rate this often times leads to a cheaper quality product

But now since having more machinery and space is not a priority anymore the producers would invest much more on the raw material. In this way, better quality products will be produced while also catering to the interests of both the parties.

Encourages the producers and designers to be more creative:-

3D printing would help you get exactly what you want without many restrictions, which could mean that producers/manufacturers and product designers will be able to think out of the box ideas and create products which are way more useful.

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So, all in all, we have established that 3D printing can really benefit the manufacturers and increase the productivity of industries by a landslide in order contributing more than usual to the GDP benefiting the economy of the country. Apart from that 3D printing would also mean better products for the consumers, improving the quality of their lives.