What does Bionic exactly means? It is an electromechanical enhancement and suggests the idea of superhuman abilities. A11 bionic chip is a machine with human-like abilities.

A11 bionic chip is a powerful chip, which is a 64-bit ARM-based system designed by Apple Inc. and manufactured by TSMC. A11 bionic is a neutral engine that claims to be 30 percent faster than the GPU used in iPhone 7.

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The all-new A11 bionic chip can handle world tracking, scene recognition and can solve specific problems such as matching, analyzing and calculating thousands of reference points within a flood of image data.

The chip is made of a six-core CPU design with two performance cores. It also has four efficiency cores that are 70 percent faster which offers industry-leading performance and energy efficiency.

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Since A11 bionic is a most powerful chip that Apple has ever created, its power enables incredible new machine learning and AR apps and immersive 3D games.

The all-new A11 bionic chip is a dual-core design and performs up to 600 operations per second for real-time processing. The chip has been designed for specific machine learning algorithms and enables face ID and other features. The chip is the 10nm FinFET technology with microarchitecture. It is a hexa-core chip with the L1 cache of 32KB instruction and 32KB data and the L2 cache of 8MB. A11 bionic chip can activate any number of cores individually. It contains 4.3 billion transistors. The A11 chip uses second-generation performance controller and M11 motion coprocessor is embedded in the chip.

To support computational photography functions such as wide colour capture and advanced pixel processing, an A11 bionic chip has added an image processor. Chips are custom made according to overall design and size of the phone and it does make use of cache memory.

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The chip is capable of beating desktop computers like Apple’s MacBook pro. The all-new A11 bionic chip has been used in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and according to the reports new A11 bionic chip is the fastest among the other processor chips.