Upcoming Smartwatches In India

There are plenty of smartwatches to choose from according to budget with both fashion brands and the traditional tech powerhouses. To have a stylish, technical, unique smartwatch for yourself, there are numerous trendy smartwatches available in the market with numerous designs and quality. With today’s smartwatch, you can perform various functions such as notifying, fitness or making a call. To get the coolest options and to enhance your style and to make a stunning fashion statement, 2018 will be bringing those to you. Let’s overview at the most stylish smartwatches coming this year.

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Upcoming Smartwatches 2018

1) Microsoft Surface Watch

With its huge brand name and the technology the brand gives us, Microsoft is planning to launch their first ever smartwatch this year. According to the sources, Microsoft will soon come up with its first image of the product but yet the image is not leaked yet. According to the rumours, Microsoft has already made the prototype of the watch which is in a testing stage. Microsoft will soon officially launch the final product. Smartwatch might come with an Oxynitride Aluminium body and with square design rather than a circular regular design, but yet no other specs of the watch are leaked.

2) LG Urbane Smartwatch

Even, LG is planning to launch its Urbane Smartwatch in 2018. The smartwatch will be more classy and flashy in design and will be available in sparkly gold and sparkly silver colours with luxury looking leather straps. The Smartwatch will feature a 1.3 P-OLED circular design. The size of the Smartwatch is realistically smaller than the other smartwatches but feature a P-OLED display, unlike other smartwatches. The LG Urbane Smartwatch is similar to the Android watch and just like Android watch it can support essential Android apps but will also support few other apps like finding my phone, music playback and even notification cards. The smartwatch is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and will come with Snapdragon 400 processor and a massive battery life of 2 days.

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3) HTC Halfbeak

The next Smartwatch ready to be launched in 2018 breaking down the traditional square shape of the watches and featuring an OLED screen with 360×360 pixels resolution is the very own HTC Halfbeak. HTC Halfbeak will soon hit the market in 2018 and is expected that the glass of the watch will be protected by a gorilla glass protector. But, all the specs of the smartwatch are not out yet, but we can expect to have much more from HTC Urbane Smartwatch.

4) Apple Watch 4

We cannot ignore the Apple Watch 4 on the list of upcoming smartwatches in 2018. The Apple Watch 4 is supposed to be launched in 2018 with few upgraded features. It is supposed to have few new health-oriented features and also a better processor. The all-new Apple series is rumoured to have round shaped screen along with fitness features like five pace metrics which will have five unique metrics distance, speed, heart rate and elapsed time. The all-new series of Apple is now much smarter than before. The Apple watch 4 is supposed to have a feature, when you insert charging cable, it will automatically go into sleep mode and the tracker of the watch also automatically stops when you stop walking.

The Apple watch 4 does not require you to carry your iPhone with you since all the functions of your iPhone can be performed by your Apple watch. In addition to all the features, Apple watch also monitors the health rate, breathing app, and health app. Not only this, but third-party health app can also be downloaded.

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5) Google Smartwatch

Google is also another high tech giant after Apple and is ready to bring two new smartwatches in 2018, namely, Angelfish and Swordfish. The launch date is not yet known but according to the sources, the Google will be launching its two Smartwatches in 2018.
The specs of the Smartwatches are not yet leaked but according to the sources, the smartwatch named Angelfish will have 42mm and 46mm in sizes. Not only this, but the watch will be packed with GPS, LTE and many more connectivity features. The watch will also feature a heart rate monitor which will help you in checking your heart rate. The watch is expected to come with the Android Wear 2.0 Operating System. While the smartwatch Swordfish will have fewer bezels than the Smartwatch Angelfish and will have one operating button only. Moreover, according to the sources, it is expected that the smartwatch Swordfish will be cheaper than the Smartwatch Angelfish.

6) ASUS ZenWatch 4

The ASUS is all ready to introduce its new Smartwatch in 2018 named, ASUS ZenWatch 4. The smartwatch will be the successor of its previous watch but with many advanced features. The smartwatch will feature super strong Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity with few other features such as Asus Weather, Remote Link and even flashlight app that can be installed through the Manager App. The smartwatch will have up to 4GB of storage for storing music. The Asus ZenWatch 4 is expected to be waterproof.

7) Sony Smartwatch 4

With the previous Sony Smartwatch 3, which changed the game in the market for Smartwatches, Sony is all ready to introduce Sony Smartwatch 4 in 2018. You can expect much from the new series of Sony Smartwatch- Sony Smartwatch 4 but the launch date is not known yet. The smartwatch is expected to come with accurate GPS and will also feature Android Pay option so that you can pay anywhere with you wearing it. The smartphone will also feature a built-in speaker and will come up with improved sensor options and fast charging technology.

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8) Huawei Smartwatch

The company is soon going to launch an epic smartwatch in 2018. The smartwatch is rumoured to feature a 1.4 inch AMOLED display with 400×400 pixels resolution. The smartwatch will be quite large as compared to other smartwatches. The best feature of the watch is that the smartwatch will have high scratch resistance quality. The company is rumoured to be using second strongest metal for building its smartwatch. The smartwatch will be available in 10 different colours including Stainless Steel, Gold, and Jewel Pearl.

The smartwatch will also feature waterproof properties and will run on Android 6.0 supporting all the Android apps. The smartwatch is expected to come with 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 4GB Storage, 512MB Ram and IP67 rating. The battery is supposed to have great life, roughly for 1.5 days without an issue. With all the advantages, the only disadvantage the smartwatch carries is that it does not contain GPS system.

9) OnePlus Smartwatch

With other companies in list to launch their smartwatches in 2018, OnePlus is also rumoured to launch OnePlus smartwatch in 2018. No information is leaked yet, so it is difficult to tell anything else about the smartwatch.

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